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The Comprehensive Singing Course for Fully Grown Singers Adults/15+

Here's the thing that most teachers don't tell you... 

Singing is not some strange mystery!

Singing is a System! 

Big Singing is the definitive online singing course to teach you everything you need to know about the 3 major components of singing, and how those things work together in your body to form great singing technique. Fiora created Big Singing to take the mystery out of singing lessons and worked extremely hard with over 60 videos and hours of informative content (no fluff!) to bring you the best course she could imagine.

From Fiora

"From my own experience I know learning to Sing can often seem like a mysterious endless journey.

Big Singing is the course I wish I had when I started singing. This is everything I know about the three main components to great singing technique, and everything you need to know to move your singing forwards in leaps and bounds for years into the future."

Big Singing... is BIG - So click HERE to go to the Big Singing site to find out more about the course in detail! 



Online Singing COURSES for Kids  4 - 14 years old

Looking for Singing Lessons for your child but you don't know where to start? SingSchool Kids courses are coming soon! 

With Online Video classes tailor-made to different age groups. Each course contains Ten Lessons sent out either once a week or access them all at once. 

The First SingSchool Kids courses will be available in December 2017.  

Click here to register your interest and let us know which age groups to create courses for first!