Signed to Universal Music Publishing with major releases and international touring with some of the biggest DJ's on the planet (Armin van Buuren, Seven Lions, Tensnake, Andy C) Fiora has carved her niche as a highly in-demand singer and songwriter. Originally from Australia but now living between Berlin and Los Angeles she can be heard on everything from the LaLaLand movie soundtrack to Rufus Wainwright's "Take all my Loves" with Helena Bonham Carter.

Her songs have been featured on numerous television shows and movies (Defiance, Eastenders, Einsamkeit Sex und Mitleid) with major international airplay on BBC Radio 1, groundbreaking L.A Radio KCRW, Australia's Triple J, Germany's Radio Eins and many others. Currently working on her new wave project Gemini Rising with Tensnake and Lester Mendez as well as developing projects with Robot Koch and Savannah Jo Lack, Fiora loves anything to do with creativity and fostering that in others. Fiora is extremely proud to bring you SingSchool. 


Hey There, I'm Fiora

And I want to teach you how to Sing. I LIVE for music and my work as a singer and songwriter has taken me all over the world. But I also LOVE encouraging people towards their dreams. That's why my friends call me "The Enabler." If you want to know how you can Learn to Sing better, I've created SingSchool online Singing Lessons for learning how to sing online! 

Singing to me is a magical joyous expression and I am SO lucky to spend the bulk of my days Singing professionally.

The journey you take with your voice is intensely personal but for me learning how to sing wasn't always easy. I started out with a modicum of musical instinct, but becoming a professional singer took years of practise and awareness, and during those formative years the sound of my voice completely transformed - and as a result - so did my life

I created SingSchool so I could share my personal approach to singing lessons and how to sing better, which is ultimately a practical and logical approach. When I studied singing myself I found the traditional methods of learning to sing often very unclear. Singing was this nebulous mystery but I really wanted to know how to sing better. One day I discovered Singing is actually a System! And once you understand how that system works becoming a better singer is merely a question of practise and awareness.

I created SingSchool to take the mystery out of how to sing. There's no escaping the fact that singing is at times a strange thing to learn because you can't *see* your instrument. But through correct practise, good technique, listening and feeling, singing becomes the most natural thing in the world. 

While every person has their own limitations and strengths (which is what makes us all beautifully unique) - once you understand how to work WITH the voice you have, the possibilities are amazing


So How Did I Get Here!?

My story starts out in the small town of Launceston in Tasmania Australia, and for as long as I can remember I was genuinely obsessed with music and singing. There wasn't a lot to do in Launceston so on top of listening to a lot of pop, electronic, jazz and classical music I studied violin, piano, music theory, singing lessons, sang in the school rock band (yes really) the local jazz big band, the music exams, you name it. 

At the end of high school I was awarded a scholarship to the Queensland Conservatorium to study singing lessons with the amazing Professor Janet Delpratt. She taught me how to sing, transforming my technique and my understanding of what good singing is and we remain close to this day.

After graduating I started working as a singer with orchestra and in opera, whilst also teaching singing. But somehow for me, only performing didn't feel like enough. I started writing music and fell madly in love with it. I got a job writing music for tv and developed my own electronic music projects. Drawing from my violinist background I started composing for orchestra writing strings for Alanis Morisette and various documentary film soundtracks. At the beginning of 2009 I accidentally moved to Berlin after going there for a singing competition (and to visit my crazy pianist best friend) and I ended up signing to Universal Music Publishing as a songwriter. I began songwriting full time, working with pop and electronic producers throughout Europe. 

Through all of this Singing played a huge role in my daily life. I would often end up being the singer on the songs I would write, and as a result songwriting pushed me back out into the public eye as a Singer. I got the opportunity to sing throughout the world, both on tour and in recordings. You may or may not know about electronic music and DJ's but if you'd like to know (or hear) some of the work I've done there's a more extensive list at this page on my artist website here.

Right now I split my time between Berlin and Los Angeles where I continue to work as a singer, songwriter and composer. My days are typically spent in studios or rehearsals of some description. Recently I sang on the movie "La La Land", and have just finished a new album project with Lester Mendez and Tensnake.

And while I live for making music and always will - as I get older that feeling of wanting to see (and help) others succeed has really gotten stronger for me. Living a life of music is an incredible privilege, and I wanted to start giving back to people in a more direct way. Many people had asked me to help them with their singing so this year I started a company called Best Case Life International (named after the Gemini Rising song), and developed a course of online singing lessons starting with "Big Singing." SingSchool is the first stop on the Best Case Life journey to share the things I've come to know.

I always believed in dreams and I feel like I've had a chance to live the ones I had from childhood, and am still getting to do that everyday. I'm super excited now to share that belief in a bigger way, and do what I can to help others find the way to their dreams. I know the news feed can get you down sometimes... but take it from me - the world is full of infinite possibilities. And so are you! 

Thanks for reading me! I'm so honoured to have your time and interest and so happy we're now connected in this big (but also small) world. Stay in touch and feel free to write and say hi. I can't wait to catch up more soon. 

Fiora x